Portrait photograph of Sergey Kononov

Sergey Kononov

Manager, Department for Programmes Coordination of the UNFCCC Secretariat

Sergey Kononov, a Russian national, is a manager in the Department for Programmes Coordination of the UNFCCC secretariat. He has been with the United Nations since 1998, including about 20 years of service to the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Mr. Kononov has been managing multiple key activities of the secretariat, in particular those relating to international negotiations, such as negotiations on the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol and the related methodological modalities for the second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol (2011-2015) as well as negotiations on the operational rules and modalities for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (2016-2019). More recently, in 2020-2021, Mr. Kononov was in charge of coordinating the work of the UNFCCC secretariat relating to nationally determined contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.

At present, Mr. Kononov is engaged in the coordination of substantive work of the secretariat in the Programmes Coordination Department of the UNFCCC.

Mr. Kononov graduated from the Power Engineering Institute (Moscow, Russia) in 1981, and he holds a a PhD in nuclear engineering.

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