Portrait photograph of Prof. Ali N Hassan FIEMA

Prof. Ali N Hassan FIEMA

Professor - Ain Shams University, Egypt.

Ali Hassan is a professor and former Vice Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Environmental Research, Ain Shams University, Egypt. He is also a Fellow at the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment “IEMA”, UK. He is a multi-disciplinary professional with over 35 years of accumulated experience in the scientific, environmental and health arenas covering the biological, physical and socio-economic spheres. Through his career, Prof. Hassan has worked for & with Environmental Agencies, Government Agencies; International Organizations, Funding Agencies, Universities & Research Institutions where he has significantly contributed to the advancement of environmental policies, regulations, strategies, and environmental management tools supporting sustainable development. Hassan has managed and contributed to many major environmental projects on National, Regional and International levels. These cover strategic assessment, EIAs, environmental management, eco-tourism, pollution, ecosystem restoration, sustainability, climate change & others. Through his work at the Ecosystem Science & Technology Branch at NASA, Prof. Hassan has developed innovative environmental and health applications of space technologies leading to opening new horizons for geo-spatial intelligence.

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