Portrait photograph of Pat Snowdon

Pat Snowdon

Head of Economics and Woodland Carbon Code at Scottish Forestry

Pat has worked in forestry and land-use for 25 years. He joined the Forestry Commission in 2002, heading its economic team and leading the FC’s climate change work at GB level. He was an author and editor of the 2009 Read Report on the role of UK forestry in helping to tackle climate change, and chairs the team which has developed the UK Woodland Carbon Code. In April 2019, Pat transferred to Scottish Forestry. His team continues to deliver economic advice and research on the economic value of forestry, including for biodiversity. The team also continues to manage the Woodland Carbon Code on behalf of all the forestry authorities in the UK. A key part of Pat’s work currently is to help develop markets in forest ecosystem services, in particular to attract additional finance into woodland creation and management. He is also a member of a committee convened by the Treasury to examine how an economic value can be attached to biodiversity. Pat lives in Edinburgh and is a keen skier and hill-walker.

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