Portrait photograph of Marie Fox

Marie Fox

Evidence Advisor - Environment Agency

Following my PhD studies at the University of Bristol researching the evolution of the early human mind, I joined the Environment Agency ten years ago. I currently work within the Strategic Evidence Unit to deliver strategic evidence on a variety of topics specific to the remit of the EA. Specifically, I develop ways of working that will enable the organisation to identify and manage strategic issues leading to better understanding of strategic risk and opportunity. Previously I have worked within the Horizon Scanning and Futures team where I was responsible for systematically researching, analysing and evaluating cross-cutting issues which could impact the future of the Environment Agency’s business in areas such as incident management, regulated industry and future technologies. I have also led the Literature Review team carrying out literature reviews to determine the validity of research aims, develop an understanding of current thinking and deliver confidence through independent assessment on topics within the Environment Agency’s remit.

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