Portrait photograph of Lauren Duguid

Lauren Duguid

Environment and Sustainability Consultant

Lauren is currently working towards her environmental practitioner degree apprenticeship, studying one day a week whilst she works as an environment and sustainability consultant in the construction industry. In her day-to-day work, she is responsible for monitoring environmental compliance and engaging with communities affected by construction.

She has a deep understanding of the importance of diversity in places and people, which she gained from her work with youth advocacy and environmental charities. She believes that spaces should be designed to solve problems, so that people can feel safe, and are able to grow, create, and work together. The built environment should create a sense of place and foster community., and buildings should work for the people that use it, and should improve their quality of life.

Outside of her 9-5 job, Lauren volunteers for the Youth Futures Foundation and is heavily involved in the music and arts scene in Yorkshire. When not working, she can be found visiting libraries, galleries and old buildings with pretty gardens, often with a big mug of tea in hand.

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