Portrait photograph of Joshua Matyus-Flynn 

Joshua Matyus-Flynn 

Committee Member

I am Joshua and I am very enthusiastic about being greener and more sustainable. As we know the world needs to recover from the over use of carbon and un-sustainable recourses that have caused changes in the atmosphere and global warming. May dream would be to teach people and watch improvements take place, as we turn from a more industrial look to a greener and brighter look we've always imagined our futures looking.

As much as we love looking at and appreciating plants and flowers, this isn't just about planting a tree every now and again. this is about giving as much back to the earth as we take from it to keep balance, but also making sure we only use what we absolutly need to and look to use alternatives where possible. Yes, one person does not make much of a difference, but many people does make a massive difference. I want to start my journey here and i'm hoping you can join me to making a massive difference in achieving the greener and cleaner future we all deserve.

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