Portrait photograph of Josh Fothergill

Josh Fothergill

Founder & Director - Fothergill Training & Consulting Ltd

An expert in Impact Assessment (IA) systems, Josh provided leadership across UK practice for over a decade, as Policy Lead for the Institute for Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA). He is focussed on quality enhancement in IA and in 2011 created the EIA Quality Mark scheme – winning IEMA the International Association for Impact Assessment’s (IAIA) Global Institutional Award in 2012. Josh has substantial experience of capacity building and also formerly acted as IEMA’s Head of Professional Standards, responsible for developing competency requirements for over 15,000 environmental professionals.

Josh now leads Fothergill Training & Consulting Ltd, where he applies his expertise to projects across the globe. Recent projects have included developing training courses to enable the World Bank to deliver capacity building on its new Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) and leading the creation of its related internal professional accreditation system

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