Corporate Sustainability is a cross-disciplinary corporate values-based approach for identifying and responding to critical social, environmental and economic risks, opportunities and dependencies faced by organisations and their stakeholders now and in the future. Similar in nature to Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability more explicitly encompasses longer term dependencies, and also the imperative to collaborate, innovate and resolve sustainability challenges.

  • As a discipline, it requires holistic view - for example of interactions across the wider value chain
  • It will be business critical and relevant
  • It will support or involve a change process
  • It will address a longer-term horizon (e.g. 5+ years)
  • Collaboration, innovation and review are central to Corporate Sustainability
  • As a process it will be tailored to the organisation
  • It will help organisations to transform and respond to megatrends, risks, opportunities and dependencies
  • It leads to a more coherent and robust integration across the business

Organisations can transform and mature towards the ambition of the truly sustainable business. The urgency is clear, so too is the opportunity with real benefits for those organisations in the vanguard. In transforming to sustainability, key ingredients include: leadership, listening, engagement, collaboration, innovation, systems thinking, long term view, strategy, influence, procurement, value chain, review, skills.

In defining Corporate Sustainability - the phrase corporate is used broadly and can include any organisation (not just those in the private sector) - IEMA has defined related sustainability terms including Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable business in Beyond the Perfect Storm (2016).

Corporate Sustainability Resources

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