Engage with the GESA Group

The GESA (Global Environmental and Social Assessment) group is a great way to engage with IEMA on environmental and social risk management related to international development projects. The Network is a member led, collaborative initiative, supported by the IEMA team.

Joining this group is a great way to keep up-to-date, meet new contacts and get more involved, as and when your workload allows. In GESA you can be listening, learning and leading depending on what suits you:

  • Listening: Receiving GESA related updates that keep you informed about developments in environmental and social risk management related to international projects
  • Learning: Attending live webinars / events, catching up on recordings, or reading guidance
  • Leading: Applying your knowledge alongside that of other members to shape practice

As an IEMA member, joining the GESA Group is quick, easy and free. Just let us know that you want to join and we’ll update your record. Email us here

Introduction to the GESA Steering Group

The Steering Group’s role is to champion issues and content that is most relevant to those environmental and social professionals that work on international projects. This can include hosting activities such as webinars and live events, preparing guidance material, mentoring, and consulting with IEMA leadership and other IEMA working groups. The Steering Group comprises a rotating panel of 15 senior leaders active in environmental and social risk management related to international development projects. The group includes consultants, lenders and project developers so as to provide a diversity of viewpoints and expertise. Currently the Steering Group is chaired by Shana Westfall, Technical Director at SLR Consulting.

For 2021-2022, the key focus of the Steering Group will be on the following:
• expanding IEMA’s Careers and Skills in Impact Assessment guidance to include more international focus and ESG; and;
• providing a webinar on the topic of understanding ESG. This webinar will answer such questions as what does it mean, how does it differ from traditional ESIA/ESDD, what skills are required, and what does the future look like.

The programme is still being finalised, but details will be posted when available.

Find out more about the Steering Group members here.

You can access GESA’s Terms of Reference here.

Any questions for the GESA Steering Group please feel free to email us.

GESA Early Careers Working Group

The GESA Early Careers Working Group is formed of representatives from leading environmental consultancies and finance institutions. It aims to provide a forum for people at the start, or early stages of their career, to grow their skills and experience in environmental and social (E&S) risk management related to international projects. The ultimate ambition is to support those members interested in building careers that contribute to the sustainability of those international projects and the communities they support.

For all the latest information and opportunities to get involved, please join the group’s LinkedIn forum, “IEMA’s GESA Early Careers Working Group” and feel free to get in touch.