28th February 2024 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This 1-hour Green Careers Hub workshop is for young sustainability professionals at the start of their careers. Anyone looking for some inspiration and guidance in their green career would find the insights and exercises in this online session useful.

The session, Becoming a Changemaker is designed to help you to navigate and transform your green career journey, by helping you:

  • Review and explore your vision and purpose
  • Use the IDG framework help you grow your green transferable skills
  • Explore how to align your purpose with the sustainability job market
  • Choose your future using a transformative coaching exercise.

Our speaker, Traci Lewis, is a green career coach, social enterprise consultant, and co-founder of Catalyse Change CIC, which is building a community of confident, connected climate leaders. She has helped to develop the confidence, career aspirations, and green skills of over 1,000 changemakers during her time at Catalyse Change. Traci also wrote the No. 1 bestselling book Your Green Career: the handbook for young women and non-binary changemakers.

Connect with Traci on LinkedIn or Instagram, or read her blog for the Green Careers Hub which was published last year.