30th April 2024 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Session 4: Recycling: the good, the missing and the imaginary.

If the UK is to meet its renewable energy targets, rapid growth and investment in renewable technology and components is required to build the infrastructure we need.

The UK must integrate circular models into all aspects of our renewable energy infrastructure. Reducing the demand from volatile supply chains, keeping valuable materials in use for longer and helping reduce environmental impacts from extracting raw materials.

This session will explore the current state of renewables recycling and give real insight into what needs to happen to ensure renewables infrastructure can be recycled at end of use.

Speakers confirmed: Deryth Wittek - Head of Clean Growth & Infrastructure, UK Department for International Trade, Germany (chair), Dr Charlotte Stamper - Energy Infrastructure Lead, European Metal Recycling Ltd, Dr Eleni Kastanaki – Chemical Engineer, Technical University of Crete