19th September 2023 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

If the UK is to meet its renewable energy targets, rapid growth and investment in renewable technology and components is required to build the infrastructure we need. The pressure on valuable materials and Critical Raw Minerals will increase. Worldwide demand for a number of these materials is projected to increase by between 6 and 13 times, which out strips the rate at which new primary and secondary sources are currently being developed.

The UK must integrate circular models into all aspects of our renewable energy infrastructure. Reducing the demand from volatile supply chains, keeping valuable materials in use for longer and helping reduce environmental impacts from extracting raw materials.

In partnership with the University of Leeds, we will be holding six sessions every two months. Each with three 10-minute presentations and interactive debate.

Each session will host a balanced panel in academic, business and policy/civic representation including wind, solar and EV.

This first session will introduce the emerging subject of circular renewables, provide an overview of the key issues the sector faces, why circular renewables is important and its multiple benefits to business, the environment and job creation.


Dr Anne Velenturf, Senior Research Fellow in Circular Economy at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds.

Kenny Taylor, Partner, Energy Infrastructure at Zero Waste Scotland.

Trevor Hutchings, Partner, Sustainability at BIP Group and Chair at the Green Purposes Company.