ASH Design and Assessment

The role of the co-ordinator in EIA

Large Scale Pumped Storage

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment of Wind Turbine Developments in the UK

EIA for small scale hydro-electric scheme in a National Park


The use of BIM in EIA: the HS2 experience


Introduction to the Habitats Regulations of Projects in England

Black and Veatch

Optioneering in EIA

Our City Our River: Measuring Changes in the Quantum of Biodiversity


Practical Interactions between EIA and sustainability

Environmental Constraints and EIA: Implications for your Development Scheme

Proposed changes to the EU Directive 2011/92/EU: Project Implications

Assessing the Water environment within an EIA.

Cascade Consulting

Ecosystem Services in EIA and Decision Making – Atkins

LVIA Case Study Example: Hartlepool South West Extension - Spawforths

Assessing the interrelated effects of offshore windfarms



Chris Blandford Associates

Ecological Impact Assessment and Brownfield Land

The role of EIA in Green Infrastructure delivery for residential development

Implementation of an Ecological Landscape Management Plan (ELMP)

DHA Planning

Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects: Baselines and parameters

Co-ordinating HRA and EIA


DEFRA Study on Bats

Can the NPPF deliver sustainable development?

Ecus Ltd

Socio-economics as an EIA Topic


What is Biophilic Design?

Nicholas Pearsons Associates

Proportionate visual representations and photomontage

Wildfire Mitigation

The EIA Regulations are Changing, What does this mean for you

Nexus Planning

Planning Analytics

Ove Arup

What does effective EIA look like?

Client, Community and Stakeholder Engagement- An Acoustics Perspective

Environmental Impact Assessment for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

EIA Quality Mark webinar - Commitment 7

Pegasus Group

Directive 2014/52/EU A Brief Overview

Intro to EIA


Cumulative Effects Assessment in EIA

An Introduction to Socio-Economics in Planning

EIA Screening: Challenges and Opportunities of EIA Regulations 2017

Ramboll Environment and Health UK Limited

Residential Visual Amenity Survey Techniques

EIA and Monitoring

Offshore Decommissioning Environmental Assessment

RPS Group

Data, Applications and EIA


Agriculture in EIA


Effective EIA: Managing Community Impacts

EIA and Consideration of Alternatives

Temple Group

Securing Planning Permission through Environmental Enhancement Strategies


Construction Design and Management Regs 2015

Introduction to Planning Training 2017

Terence O’Rourke

Effective Archaeological Mitigation

A proportionate approach to the 'new' EIA topics

Section 73 applications and proportional EIA addendums

Ecosystem services in EIASEA and Local Plans

Consistency in Impact Assessment Methodologies

Overcoming the Fiction: How EIA can be used to address fears and concerns

Wardell Armstrong

BIM in Environmental Impact Assessment

Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd

EU Limit Values

The Setting of Heritage Assets


Effective EIA - Influencing Renewable Energy Proposals

Wood Environment and Infrastructure UK Ltd

EIA Consulatation

Savils, Environ, Xodus

Exploring the links between EIA and SEA

Mott Macdonald, URS and Xodus

Good Practices in the EIA of Urban Regeneration

Savils, Environ, Xodus

Exploring the links between EIA and SEA

Spawforths & URS

EIA and the Water Environment

Stephenson Halliday

EIA Scoping and Proportionality: Our Approach

Temple Group

Proactive Environment Management throughout delivery

Jo Cotton, LUC; Rufus Howard, Energy & Environment and Deborah Dunsford from the Environment Agency

EIA & Urban Regeneration in Historic Cities

Waterman Group

Non-technical Summaries

Waterman Group

GLVIA3 & its implementation

Presented by Rebecca Chiazzese, this webinar focuses on EIA in offshore windfarms.

Guiding future EIA and SEA in Scotland

15/11/2013: On the 30th August the Scottish Government launched new guidance for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to understand the key developments in the guidance and the objectives they aim to achieve.

Factoring Water into EIA Practice

15/11/2013: This month's EIA Quality Mark webinar will address how effects on the water environment should be taken into account in EIA. Scheme registrants, including Environ, will highlight the types of impacts that can occur from development, the legislative context that must be applied and how this can be effectively wrapped up within the wider context of an Environmental Statement.

IEMA Summary of EC Proposals for updated EIA Directive

31/09/2012: Find out why the Commission’s document specifically recognises IEMA’s input into the public consultation phase of the review process and how we plan to ensure members have further opportunity to improve the proposals over the coming year.

Taking Account of Climate Change in EIA

26/09/2013 The question "How can EIA practice take account of this changing climate?" is one that is increasingly having to be considered by practitioners across the UK and beyond. This webinar provides an insight into IEMA’s developing EIA & Climate Change Adaptation Guidance, which is being produced with partners from the EIA Quality Mark.

Introducing the European Commission's EIA and SEA Guides on Integrating Climate Change and Biodiversity

30/05/2013 The European Commission has launched two new guidance documents to provide direction to EIA and SEA on integrating enhanced consideration of climate change and biodiversity effects into practice. This webinar will provide and overview of the key messages from both guides.

2013 State of EIA Practice

25/07/2013 Based on the combined performance of the UK's leading EIA practitioners, IEMA has strong baseline evidence to answer a range of questions about UK EIA Practice. This EIA Quality Mark webinar provides the latest findings from the EIA Quality Mark.

EIA Leadership: The Role of an EIA Co-ordinator

This webinar will explore how effective EIA co-ordinators increase quality of the EIA and design, identifying opportunities for environmental enhancements and mitigation, managing down risks to delivery and implement efficiencies and cost savings. This webinar is supported by presentations from the following EIA quality mark registrants.

Proposed Changes to EIA Directive 2011/92/EU: Project Implications

Gillian Niven Reed from Cascade Consulting goes through some of the changes to the EU Directive and their implications

IEMA Summmary of EC Proposals for Updated EIA Directive

31/10/2012 The European Commission launched its proposal to amend the EIA Directive (2011/92/EU) on Friday 26th October. This webinar provided members with an run through of what was proposed, including Mandatory screening and scoping; A requirement for of reasonable alternatives and monitoring; and
Coverage of climate change adaptation, health and ecosystem services.

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