IEMA’s EIA Quality Mark scheme is open to organisations that co-ordinate (take the lead on) statutory UK Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and lead production of the associated Environmental Statements (ES). As such both developers and consultancies can apply to become registered with the scheme.

The Benefits of Joining

Beyond the reputational benefits of committing to regular independent review of your organisation’s EIA activities EIA Quality Mark registrants gain access to a number of benefits, which include:

  • Recognition of the quality of a registrant’s EIA activities through authority to use the EIA Quality Mark logo on its marketing materials and the EIA Quality Mark Statement on the ES it has led the production of;
  • The use of marketing materials that explain the benefits to developers from appointing an EIA Quality Mark registrant to undertake their EIA; as well as EIA related referrals when IEMA is approached by third parties seeking advice on contracting EIA services;
  • Online access to the Non-Technical Summaries (NTS) from EIAs undertaken in the UK during the years the EIA Quality Mark has been running, as well as access to an increasing library of EIA articles, case studies and presentations and the opportunity to take part in, or organise, EIA webinars;
  • The ability to borrow electronic copies of ES stored in IEMA’s increasing catalogue under the EIA Quality Mark scheme;
  • Registrants will also gain numerous other benefits such as early information about developments in the EIA field and opportunities to work with IEMA to develop EIA-related documents.

How to Apply

If your organisation is interested in applying to join the EIA Quality Mark, then please read the application guide first and contact Thomas Clayton on 01522 540069 or Thomas will take care of all the details. As part of the application process your organisation will be required to sign the EIA Quality Mark Agreement.

Download the application Guide


The EIA Quality Mark application fee is either £2200+VAT or £2750+VAT dependent on the level of EIA activity your organisation is involved in. The lower fee relates to organisations that completed three (3) or less Environmental Statements in the 12 months prior to their application; whilst the higher fee applies to those organisations that completed four (4) or more during the same period.

*Further information on the EIA Quality Mark’s fee structure can be found in Appendix B of the Applicant Guide above.

Meet the EIA Quality Mark Panel

The EIA Quality Mark Panel reviews EIA Quality Mark applications against the EIA Quality Mark application criteria.

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