What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the structured vocational learning any professional carries out to keep their knowledge, skills and capabilities up to date. It is learning that shapes and boosts our careers and helps maintain competence when laws, regulations, standards and practice change, or your career path alters course.

What can CPD do for me?

As an IEMA member, a solid record of vocational learning supports your membership journey, helps you keep up to date with changes in line with your longer-term career goals and keeps you informed of changes to policies, regulations, legislation, standards and practices required of an Environment & Sustainability professional.

What counts as CPD?

Your annual CPD record can be made up of several kinds of learning and activities – from formal training courses to reading articles, from attending workshops to coaching others. Just ensure that your learning relates to your goals and you’ll easily demonstrate to employers, clients and IEMA that you are committed to developing what you know and what you can do.

How do I get started?

Because it’s such an integral part of your working life, it’s important that logging your goals and learning is both simple and convenient. IEMA’s online CPD portal allows members to easily plan, record and reflect on your learning each year. All you have to do is log-in, set up a profile and plot your learning for the year. Click here to get started on your 2019 CPD record, right away.

  1. Log into MyIEMA
  2. Click 'Manage your Membership' button
  3. Click on the link (green box) called 'CPD Portal
  4. Select your Profile/s and begin

The portal is easy to use, but if you need any guidance, just click the Help button.

Not yet an IEMA member?

If you are not an IEMA member and would like to talk to us about CPD and how it can benefit your career, contact us today

If you have any questions about CPD, why you should do it and how, read your FAQ's here.

Any Further questions

If you have any questions about your CPD or the CPD portal that are not answered in our FAQ's, Please get in touch with at any time.

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