MSc Climate Justice

Each year, the effects of climate change become more pronounced. People all over the world are displaced due to rising sea levels, crop-destroying droughts and increasingly frequent floods and forest fires. Over the next decade, these climate consequences will only intensify. How we choose to move forward is one of the most important ethical questions we face.

Glasgow Caledonian University is the University for the Common Good. You will benefit from an impressive, research-active teaching team, further enhanced by expert speakers, who provide a truly multi-disciplinary learning experience. The only course of its kind, this master's course addresses climate-change issues at the point where science, human rights and policy development intersect.

The growing field of climate justice needs people who can help craft public policy at local or global levels, work with non-profit and intergovernmental agencies, support transformative business management, or pursue academic research in the field.

Developing a strong theoretical foundation as well as a range of relevant skills, you will:

  • Study the concepts of climate justice through investigation of climate injustices
  • Learn about climate litigation, climate finance and just transition
  • Explore approaches to climate adaptation and mitigation across the globe
  • Develop your knowledge of human rights and how they are realised or inhibited
  • Adopt a critical, gendered perspective on economics

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