MSc Climate Change Science and Management

Our MSc Climate Change Science and Management degree addresses the urgent science of climate change, risk and management with a broad, problem-focused perspective that will suit students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Climate change is the most critical and urgent issue facing humanity in the 21 century. How to keep populations and infrastructure safe from extreme weather events; how to enhance or simply maintain human health and living standards; how to link activities from public and commercial sectors, and from diverse academic disciplines, to address common challenges in the resilience and sustainability of global living systems; these are challenges that define the 21 century and will define the legacy of the individuals and institutions of today.

Modules that form part of this programme tackle issues such as defining and modelling climate risk, tools for environmental management, sustainability and development, and crisis governance. Students will graduate prepared to become agents of change who can embed sustainable, low-carbon practices into their careers. Their training will enable public and private sector organisations to survive and thrive because they have a command of both science and management.

Geography and Environment is located inside a state-of-the-art research and teaching facility, complete with a river science laboratory, geospatial laboratory, and a campus-based weather station. The campus also has a 16-hectare research forest, comprised of ancient and semi-natural woodland.

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