Pathways to Net Zero

The IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Course is a course which gives clear, consistent guidance on best practice on response to the climate crisis, the course aims to provide supervisors and leaders with a strategic and operational overview of environmental sustainability as it affects their specific industry and work area. 

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Who is this course for?

Pathways to Net Zero is aimed at persons who might be:   

  • responsible for developing a net zero approach (or other carbon reduction strategy) for their organisation 
  • supporting an existing net zero strategy 
  • an environmental/sustainability specialist with net zero as a new responsibility 
  • responsible for communicating or helping to communicate an organisation’s net zero approach 
  • responsible for decarbonising a particular part of an organisation, e.g., supply chain, business travel, estates etc. 

What are the entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however it is strongly preferred that the candidate is in a practicing role that will allow them to deeply understand the areas explored over the duration of the course.  

What will you learn on this course?

Once completed, a learner on this course will be able to:

  • Explain what is net zero and related terms 
  • Explain the urgency of the underlying climate science driving the net zero agenda 
  • Explain the main international policy context for responding to the climate crisis 
  • Explain the UK policy context and drivers 
  • Explain the risks and opportunities of net zero including on future business viability, reputation, supply chain vulnerabilities etc 
  • Explain the business and environmental benefits of low carbon goods and services 
  • Explain the requisite corporate governance, resourcing and accountability for delivering net zero 
  • Explain how to establish a greenhouse gas inventory across all three scopes 
  • Explain the main principles of greenhouse gas accounting (including using activity data and emission factors) 
  • Explain what carbon neutral means and its application for organisations, products and services 
  • Explain how to establish science-based targets (methodologies) 
  • Explain how to establish a net zero strategy (near- and long-term targets) 
  • Implement a decarbonisation plan with suitable targets and milestones to deliver on a science-based target and/or net zero objective 
  • Explain how to reduce greenhouse emissions where these are influenced but not directly controlled (Scope 3) 
  • Explain how to communicate externally about responses to the climate crisis, net zero and making robust green claims 

How do you learn?

This is a 2 day course (14 Guided Learning Hours), which can be taken at your own pace online or in a classroom. Our courses are delivered by a group of competent Training Partners that IEMA has assessed to ensure quality, the list of those who deliver this course are below.

How will you be assessed?

The assessment for IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Course consists of an online 20 question multiple-choice test. The test is completed through the IEMA assessment portal and candidates are sent a link upon registration to the assessment.

How do you book onto a course?

Below you can see all the Training Partners offering this course. Find the Training Partner you would like to be trained by, click on ‘see more info’ and then find a suitable course for you. This list details the start date, location (whether virtual or in a classroom), and the link to book via the Training Partner website.

Providers offering this Course

Make UK

Upcoming Courses delivered by Make UK
Date Location Link
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07/03/2024BrighouseClick to book
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Astutis Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Astutis Ltd
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11/12/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
18/01/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
08/02/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
26/03/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
18/04/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
30/05/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
27/06/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
15/07/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
05/08/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
09/09/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
14/10/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
11/11/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
09/12/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
13/01/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book
10/02/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book
17/03/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book
14/04/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book
27/05/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book
23/06/2025Virtual ClassroomClick to book

Act Sustainably Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Act Sustainably Ltd
Date Location Link
30/01/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
26/03/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
14/05/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
09/07/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
03/09/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
05/11/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book

GEP Environmental Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by GEP Environmental Ltd
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21/02/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
22/05/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book

Green Business Centre

Upcoming Courses delivered by Green Business Centre
Date Location Link
13/12/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book
30/01/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
03/04/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
04/06/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
04/09/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
06/11/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book

Investors in the Environment

Upcoming Courses delivered by Investors in the Environment
Date Location Link
Virtual ClassroomClick to book
06/12/2023Virtual ClassroomClick to book

SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd

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Watts Sustainability Ltd

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by Watts Sustainability Ltd

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Rio ESG Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by Rio ESG Ltd
Date Location Link
E-LearningClick to book

NIST Global Private Ltd

Upcoming Courses delivered by NIST Global Private Ltd
Date Location Link
03/01/2024DelhiClick to book

TSW Training

Upcoming Courses delivered by TSW Training
Date Location Link
05/02/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
11/04/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
03/06/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
15/07/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
30/09/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
14/11/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book


Upcoming Courses delivered by HSQE Ltd
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The Verdancy Group

There are no upcoming dates for this course provided by The Verdancy Group

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Upcoming Courses delivered by Bywater
Date Location Link
10/01/2024CoventryClick to book
07/02/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
20/03/2024WestminsterClick to book
24/04/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
15/05/2024LeedsClick to book
26/06/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
17/07/2024DaventryClick to book
21/08/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
25/09/2024SouthamptonClick to book
09/10/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book
20/11/2024ManchesterClick to book
04/12/2024Virtual ClassroomClick to book