The clause in 14001: 2015 to understand the organisation and its context will require a high-level understanding of the important internal and external issues that can affect an organisation’s environmental management system (EMS).

In this webinar, Greg Roberts, Manager – Sustainability at Ramboll Environ reviewed a workshop-based approach to increase cross-functional understanding and input from across an organisation as being a valuable way to undertake a context review.

Greg summaries how to deliver such a workshop and provided some practical past examples of how useful the output has been.

A PESTLE analysis can be used to structure conversations and help to achieve buy-in to what is often seen as a peripheral or niche area. This type of analysis can be used to develop an understanding of the external context in which an organisation operates as well as the internal context. It has six themes: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legislative and Environmental.

Posted on Oct 01, 2015