We are in a Climate and Environmental Emergency. The UK Government has committed to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 and the environmental sector must take a leadership role in delivering this transition to a net zero carbon economy.

This is where Pledge to Net Zero comes in, the first industry commitment in the UK requiring science-based targets from its signatories to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within their organisations.

Our hugely successful first webinar, A Guide to Pledging, provided a clear overview of how to make the pledge.

For our second webinar we put the spotlight on three organisations who have made the pledge – exploring why the initiative matters to them and steps they have already taken to reduce their emissions and set science-based targets.

So whether you have not yet made the pledge or are looking to gain insight in advance of confirming your first science-based target in May*, this webinar is for you.

Special insight is kindly provided by AECOM, LUC (Land Use Consultants Limited) and Tony Gee and Partners LLP.

* as part of the pledge requirements


Pledge to Net-Zero - A guide to setting a Science Based Target Webinar Slides, N, Blyth, Policy & Engagement Lead, IEMA - CLICK HERE

Science Based Targets - R, Burrows Sustainability Manager, AECOM - CLICK HERE

Net-Zero Carbon Pledge Journey and Observations - J, Hague, LUC - CLICK HERE

Tony Gee: Pledge Net Zero - N, Cropp, Sustainability Director, Tony Gee - CLICK HERE

Webinar Q and A's- CLICK HERE


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