This webinar is for anyone who has struggled with accounting for Scope 3 emissions. Professor Ramanna presented the E-liability solution to GHG supply-chain accounting.

Scope 3 emissions measurement seems simple on the surface but in practice is implemented selectively and inconsistently, even by entities that are doing their best to report accurately. As a result of the inherent flaws in the process, the outturn data is unreliable and not equal to financial accounting standards.

The E-liability approach, developed by Professor Kaplan (Harvard) and Professor Ramanna (Oxford) is grounded in well-established principles familiar to investors and analysts, and will produce more accurate and auditable accounting.

The E-liability approach is currently being piloted by a few large and multinational corporations.

Join this webinar to learn about the E-liability approach from Prof. Ramanna, ask questions and find out how to become an early adopter of this groundbreaking approach to GHG accounting.