With global consensus now steadily pointing to a Net Zero target for the world by 2050, extensive electrification will become a necessity. This webinar explored the global macro trends as they relate to climate change, sustainability and low carbon technology. We focussed on exploring the decision-making frameworks of politics, philosophy, economics and ecology along with a case study of British Columbia’s potential in these arenas and joined by guest Jae Mather FIEMA CEnv who was the Executive Director of Clean Energy British Columbia and wrote the Electrification of BC white paper.

This is the perfect webinar for those who are interested in the transformation of economies across the globe to the low carbon economy of our collective future.


Electrification to Net Zero: Webinar 3 in IEMA’s Summer Climate Change Series - N, Blyth, IEMA - CLICK HERE

Electrification of British Columbia - J, Mather, Carbon Free Group - CLICK HERE


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