Are you new to the world of transformative change? Perhaps you’re at the beginning of your membership journey with IEMA and would like to explore the fundamentals of sustainability? Or maybe you are a manager who wants to know more about how to bring about effective sustainability or CSR changes in your organisation?

Whether you’re a student learning about sustainability principles or someone with sustainability responsibilities at work, these introductory guides are an ideal starting point.

Written by IEMA Fellow CEnv Paul Reeve, these concise IEMA guides outline core concepts and issues that will help you to get to grips with managing sustainability and CSR. Read about them below, and download the guides for free*.

*Not an IEMA member, but want to know more? You can buy these essential guides for £10 each from IEMA's online shop

Guide 1 - Engaging with Sustainable Development

We recommend that you start your journey to understanding sustainability with this concise introductory guide. You’ll learn about global impacts and expectations, the difference between corporate survival and success, strategic thinking, and what sustainable development - the concept underpinning transformative organisational change - really means.

Download 'Engaging with Sustainable Development'

Guide 2 - Sustainability: Engaging with Drivers for Change

Change doesn’t just happen – it is the product of internal and external influences, careful consideration and planning, and measured action. In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll explore the processes that impact change and affect progress, including external policy measures, actionable first steps and management engagement with sustainable development. You’ll also find out more about the value of key factors such as feasibility and good (and best) practice.

Download 'Sustainability: Engaging with Drivers for Change'