Major accidents and disasters should be considered as part of an assessment where the development has the potential to cause the loss of life, permanent injury and/or temporary or permanent destruction of an environmental receptor which cannot be restored through minor clean-up and restoration.

"The EIA process is a vital safeguard in the governance and consenting of future developments and infrastructure. The consideration of new projects regarding the vulnerability to risks of major accidents and disasters is a critical component of EIA, however guidance on this area has been lacking. This new guide provides a welcome primer on the consideration of major accidents and disasters in EIA to aid practitioners."

Dr Rufus Howard, IEMA Impact Assessment Lead

This primer has been developed in partnership with Arup and aims to increase awareness of the major accidents and disasters within Environmental Impact Assessment and its application. It offers an assessment methodology based on known current practice within the UK to date and identifies key terminology that can be used.

It has been structured around a typical assessment approach and offers a proportionate method for considering major accidents and disasters through screening, scoping, and assessment. It has been created to generate comment and discussion, from which future guidance and institutional and regulatory change can evolve over time. Environmental Consultant at Arup Elisha Hearn PIEMA provides insight on this primer and its value in her blog here.

MAD Document September 2020

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