This new IEMA publication will be an essential reference point and guidance for considering climate change resilience and adaptation in EIA, for professionals coordinating EIA’s or supporting significant assessments for climate change.

Download our updated guide in this field, providing a framework for the effective consideration of climate change resilience and adaptation in the EIA process. Originally published in 2015, in line with the 2014 amendments to the EU EIA Directive, the 2020 guide has been updated based on developments in practice. The updated guide was produced by IEMA and its EIA Quality Mark registrants, led by Mott MacDonald. IEMA EIA Guide to: Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation (2020)

"The Impacts of Climate Change are increasingly felt in our daily lives. However quickly we cut emissions, we face extreme weather and increasing climate impacts, this decade and beyond. As society now looks to #BuildBackBetter, this new guidance is especially timely, helping professionals to ensure resilient infrastructure and well-adapted sustainable developments."

Download our guide here


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