The guidance is aimed at IA practitioners, reviewers and stakeholders. However, whilst the guidance requires a basic knowledge of IA, it is likely to be of interest to wider stakeholders as Digital IA is a key emergent topic of interest. The primer covers a broad range of topics related to Digital IA and has been written by practitioners for practitioners.

Embracing innovation and digital’ is one of the four strategic themes for action in IEMA’s ‘Delivering Proportionate EIA’ strategy. The new IEMA primer on Digital Impact Assessment (IA) is a milestone in the professions IA digital journey, and the first published guidance on Digital IA from IEMA. The Digital IA primer has been developed by practicing IA professionals drawn from the Impact Assessment Network. The group have drawn on a wide range of experience from different organisations and specialisms to provide a useful practitioners overview of Digital IA. The primer aims to outline the current situation, the opportunities presented by Digital IA and the challenges faced.

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