This initial blueprint has been developed with a cross section of the key industry and environmental sectors who will help shape the state of the UK’s environment in the decades ahead. Global pressures on natural resources are growing. Societies that learn how to meet human demands and aspirations in the most efficient ways while improving their natural natural asset bases will increasingly be those that succeed in the 21st century.

The Broadway Initiative brings together a cross section of the main stakeholders and nationally recognised experts to generate ideas and proposals for world leading arrangements to govern the environment after EU exit. The purpose is to advise governments on how to enable all parts of society to play their part in achieving long term societal objectives.

Members come from the worlds of business, NGOs, professional bodies, governance, policy making and academia. For a list of members and others advising the initiative, click here.

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Broadway is working on an initial blueprint for an Environment Act. The general principles apply to all UK nations with a focus on the Westminster Act announced by the Prime Minister.

During September and October Broadway is widening the discussion out to test and develop the Blueprint and make any changes necessary to make sure that it works for all parts of UK society. Use this template to give us your ideas and feedback.

Broadway has been set up to pursue the most effective ways of governing the environment in the interest of society as a whole. Broadway is in the process of applying for charitable foundation funding. Initial funding has been provided through financial and in-kind contributions from member organisations. The Institute of Environmental Management Assessment is acting as incubating organisation for the initiative to provide the required financial governance and administrative support.

The initiative is governed by a project board which consists of: Martin Baxter (IEMA), Allen Creedy (Federation of Small Businesses), Stephanie Hilborne (The Wildlife Trusts), Professor Paul Leinster (Cranfield University) and Peter Young (Green Purposes Company).

For more information please contact Edward Lockhart-Mummery at [email protected] or Martin Baxter at [email protected]


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