With the hosepipe ban for over 3 million people in Kent and Sussex coming into force from 0001 on Friday 12th August, IEMA’s Director of Policy and External Affairs and Deputy CEO Martin Baxter says:

“With another hosepipe ban, no rain in the immediate forecast and leakage in our overstretched water system, we must bring in measures to reduce water demand and protect our natural environment.

"We have to become more resilient to hotter drier summers, which we are now experiencing due to climate change and which will over time become more frequent. We have to double down and reduce the leakage in our water systems, losing 3 billion litres per day is unacceptable when an average household uses just 142 litres per day. We must help people use less water by, for example, having showers rather than baths, not using a hosepipe, planting drought resilient plants, and by installing water meters in homes.

"Finally, this summer has shown us that we need better natural storage solutions and transfers for our water so that we can conserve every drop and ensure a plentiful supply for people, businesses and the environment.”


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