IEMA's CEO Sarah Mukherjee MBE, said:

"The Queen's speech included a number of Parliamentary Bills that will have a huge impact on the natural environment over the long-term. The Levelling Up Bill, which will include the Government’s long-proposed planning reforms, is particularly relevant and needs to set ambitions for growth in the context of a sustainable future.

For example, IEMA has consistently championed the critical role of high-quality impact assessment, including its role in the planning system, and it is imperative that this legislation does not result in the simplification and speeding up of consent at the cost of our biodiversity and natural capital.

The government says it is committed to delivering economic growth. IEMA believes that any growth must be delivered in an environmentally sensitive manner, through green jobs and upskilling the entire workforce, working, like our 18,000+ members are right now, in sustainable and environmentally conscientious roles."