IEMA, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, has reacted to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released today (Monday 4 April 2022). The standards and training body for the environment and sustainability sector, which represents over 18,000 professionals, called on governments to implement policy commensurate with the challenge that the climate crisis presents.

Sarah Mukherjee MBE, chief executive officer of IEMA, said:

“The fact that this IPCC report was signed-off by its 195 member governments, and is still so critical of government and corporate action on climate change, means there can be no more excuses for inadequate policy, and no more hiding the truth behind empty pledges.

“Civil society and industry must be mobilised now, which requires the strongest of leadership on climate action at all levels and in all sectors. In practice this means rapid action is taken to phase out global coal use, and it’s imperative that there is an immediate increase in investment in the green jobs and skills required for a successful transition to a sustainable global society.”


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