Commenting on the House of Lords Built Environment Committee report out today that highlights too many people are living in unaffordable, rundown, expensive accomodation, IEMA's Head of Policy Ben Goodwin says:

"The need for simple, affordable and sustainable housing policy is obvious. Quite simply, as demand grows, action needs to be taken to ensure that there is enough housing to satisfy this, so that everyone has good access to somewhere to live.

But in delivering greater supply it is integral that the planning system, including forthcoming reforms, include effective provision for assessing the environmental impact of housing development in order that the value of nature is properly considered.

The Committee’s report also identifies construction skills shortages as a key blocker for getting more houses built. As these skills shortages are addressed it will be important to consider how job roles within the sector can become more ‘green’, so that house building plays its role in the wider economy’s transition to a more sustainable footing."

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Abigail Simmons

Head of Media, IEMA

Abi is the Head of Media for IEMA and previously spent two years with Police Now as their Communications Manager, building up positive press coverage of the detective and neighbourhood graduate programmes.