Landmark Environment Act puts nature’s recovery and sustainability at the heart of the economy

IEMA welcomes the new Environment Act as a new legislative framework for reversing the decline of biodiversity and putting sustainability at the heart of the UK economic model.

Commenting on the new Environment Act, IEMA’s Director of Policy and External Affairs, Martin Baxter, said:

“The new Environment Act provides the platform for reversing nature’s decline and putting sustainability at the heart of the UK economy. Alongside the Government’s Net-Zero strategy, all the key elements are in place to make transformational change towards a sustainable future.

All attention must now focus on implementation, to ensure that the ambitions set out in the Act are rapidly transformed into action. IEMA members will play a central role in helping guide organisations make the changes needed as part of the transition to a green economy.”

IEMA has worked with Government to help inform key elements of the new environmental governance framework. In 2018, as part of the Broadway Initiative, we published a “Blueprint for a new Environment Act” which set out a new long-term framework for managing the environment following EU Exit – we are delighted that our recommendations have been incorporated into the Act.


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