The IPCC report is a devastating read – an increase in global surface temperature, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and more. All changes and observations that are attributable to human-driven climate change and we are running out of time to put things right.

IEMA believes that in order to have any chance of tackling climate change, we must focus on delivering a truly green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, utilising skills and investing in people and infrastructure in a more environmentally sustainable way. To do this we need a Green Skills and Jobs Strategy, that can enable all sectors of the economy to go greener.

IEMA has also developed a greenhouse gas management hierarchy, specifically aimed at businesses and organisations to manage their emissions effectively and we urge this to be used across the UK economy in order to put us on the right path to net zero emissions by 2050.

Photo of Sarah mukherjee
Sarah Mukherjee

Sarah Mukherjee MBE is the CEO of IEMA. She was the BBC's Environment Correspondent for many years, presenting on national and international BBC radio and television news, working – and winning awards - across the world.