IEMA have launched a senior management briefing paper on ‘The Value of Environmental Auditing’. This document builds on the previous IEMA briefing paper on this topic, for those responsible for managing environmental audit programmes within organisations. The senior management briefing provides a concise overview of the value of environmental auditing for those with responsibility for the audits.

“Environmental auditing can be a key driver of effectiveness and resilience, supporting senior management in fulfilling their organisational goals to transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient future. This briefing showcases to senior management, who have responsibility for the audits, how an environmental audit undertaken by skilled professionals can reduce risks while adding greater social and environmental value”.

IEMA Policy & Engagement Lead Marc Jourdan

The paper explains the organisational benefits of internal and external audits, including confirming the effectiveness of environmental sustainability strategies. It also highlights the financial value that audits can bring, be it through cost savings, enhanced compliance or even raising the profile of the organisation. Finally, the briefing provides a list of key approaches to auditing, with a breakdown of the requirements for successful completion of both internal and external audits.

About the authors: The senior management briefing on the Value of Environmental Auditing was authored and edited by the IEMA Environmental Auditing Steering Group with support from IEMA and its policy team.

Download The Senior Management Briefing on the Value of Environmental Auditing (March 2021)

Download the Briefing on the Value of Environmental Auditing (June 2020)

The more in-depth June report for Environmental Auditors was also accompanied by a document on the Golden Rules of Remote Auditing, which has been written by IEMA members including co-author Nigel Leehane FIEMA CEnv and provides details on the key considerations to be made when planning and conducting audits remotely. The Golden Rules are especially valuable during the current COVID-19 pandemic when access to many audit sites is restricted.

Download The 10 Golden Rules of Remote Auditing (June 2020)


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