Commenting ahead of the publication of ‘The Economics of Biodiversity: the Dasgupta Review’ (launched tomorrow 2 February 2021) – IEMA’s chief executive Sarah Mukherjee said:

‘Evidence for the disruption to our natural world is all around us, reinforced by the findings of a multitude of substantive reports and compellingly revealed in Sir David Attenborough’s Perfect Planet. This is the context for the launch of the Dasgupta Review. The costs of destruction, economically and morally, are too great to bear and the benefits of a establishing a new economic framework that enables us to live in harmony with the natural world are becoming increasingly clear.

'Sir Patha Dasgupta’s review into the Economics of Biodiversity has the opportunity to reframe economic policy and should trigger urgent action. IEMA members are at the heart of a transition to a more sustainable, zero carbon economy; Sir Patha’s review is more powerful evidence of how vital this transition is.'


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