IEMA's Director of Policy and External Affairs Martin Baxter has been invited to give evidence before the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) on 3rd Feb, putting forward IEMA's response to the EAC's inquiry into green jobs. The submission puts forward the case for the development of a “Green Jobs and Skills Strategy” to enable the UK’s economy to transition to an environmentally sustainable model of operation over the long-term, including the 2050 net-zero GHG emissions target.

'IEMA is supportive of the Government’s overall intention to create 2 million green jobs by 2030 and
welcomes the Committee’s inquiry into how this can help tackle unemployment arising from theCOVID-19 pandemic, and the skills and training needs to achieve the UK’s long-term climate andenvironmental goals.The transition to net zero emissions by 2050, while at the same time restoring the UK’s naturalenvironment, tackling the plastics crisis and developing resilience to climate change, will requiresignificant change across the whole of society and the economy.'
Martin Baxter, Director of Policy and External Affairs, Deputy CEO

Read our submission here.
You can view all written submissions on the UK Parliament website here.

Photo of Martin baxter
Martin Baxter

Martin Baxter leads on IEMA's policy and external engagement activity. He works in the UK, and internationally, to support the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient, and sustainable economy.