IEMA’s Director of Policy and External Affairs Martin Baxter responds to the recommendation from the Climate Change Committee.

The recommendation from the Climate Change Committee for a 78% emissions reduction for the 6th carbon budget is a step-change in ambition for the UK’s transition to a net-zero future. It is vital that the UK Government accepts the recommendation and develops a comprehensive implementation plan for the whole economy.

The list of investments and policy interventions recently announced by the Prime Minister must be brought together with the actions required across all sectors to ensure heating, transport, energy, heavy industry, infrastructure, agriculture and land use all make significant progress in rapidly cutting carbon emissions.

The economic transition to a net-zero future must be underpinned by a skills strategy that ensures organisations have the capabilities to make a full contribution. IEMA and the sustainability profession will play a full and active role in supporting organisations to both develop and implement their Pathways to Net Zero.


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