The eighth volume from the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal series brings together a selection of articles on HIA in planning. With the world still in the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, a focus on health has never been more relevant and this edition explores mechanisms by which health may be better integrated into the planning system through the implementation of standalone HIA or as an integral part of EIA.

“The historic consideration of human health in EIA has often been too narrow in scope. New techniques are now being implemented to improve and widen the scope of human health assessment in EIA practice to better capture potentially significant health effects.”
Dr. Rufus Howard FIEMA CEnv

Planning and the EIA process requires the consideration of populations and human health to be undertaken. However, guidance on this area of practice is sparse, and a variety of methodologies are adopted by different practitioners. In this eighth volume of the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal, the articles explore the use of Health Impact Assessment (HIA) as a planning tool as well as the consideration of health in EIA.

This volume has been created in partnership with the IEMA Impact Assessment Network Steering Group and Guest Edited by Joanna Bagley, Senior Associate Director at Waterman and seeks to aid practitioners through guidance and advice on this complex area of practice. This is a welcome addition for anyone working within, or interested in, Health Impact Assessment and Planning.

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