IEMA has launched the sixth edition of the Impact Assessment Outlook Journal on the topic of ‘Digital Impact Assessment in Practice’. This is accompanied by a new IEMA ‘microsite’ that includes additional visual and interactive content.

‘Digital methods have the potential to increase knowledge, improve accessibility and safety, reduce costs, and enhance analysis and transparency. The advantages of digital working are clear as we seek to rebuild and reorganise a new sustainable economy. IEMA’s Impact Assessment Network is at the forefront of the digital revolution in planning and environmental management.’

Rufus Howard, IEMA Impact Assessment Lead

The sixth edition of IEMA’s Impact Assessment Outlook Journal: ‘Digital Impact Assessment in Practice’ has been written by the authors of IEMA’s Digital Impact Assessment Primer to share experience of how Digital IA and the key messages of the Primer are being delivered in practice.

The eight articles of the Outlook Journal cover a range of experience and best practice of Digital Impact Assessment in aspects such as reporting, consultation and data collection and includes advice on how to develop new digital products and processes, and insights into how the future of Digital EIA is being explored.

For the first time, this volume of the Outlook Journal can be viewed within the new Digital Impact Assessment Microsite, which has been created to bring together the materials and digital innovations of the Outlook Journal articles and key content from the Primer to best effect, allowing additional visual and interactive content to be presented.

To download the journal, or visit the microsite click here


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