A response to today’s Spring UK Budget from Nick Blyth, IEMA Policy & Engagement Lead

It is noticeable that the leaders of our two main political parties have made recent (welcome) pronouncements on the environment. School strikes and a wave of local Council’s declaring a Climate Emergency have elevated climate change up the political agenda. However, in relation to the environment, some of the details behind the headlines don’t match the step-change needed.

Within housing, announcements for a future homes standard by 2025, do not reverse earlier policy dismantling, such as the scrapping of the 2016 target for zero carbon homes. There appears to be no funding announcement to support public bodies to implement the welcome mandatory commitment on biodiversity net-gain.

More generally, the environment continues to be framed as a problem to sort. Clearly it is, but the economic opportunity is huge and in response, a transformative programme is needed.


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