IEMA Chief Advisor critical of Government’s response on Adaptation Reporting

IEMA Chief Policy Advisor Martin Baxter has today queried the Government’s approach to addressing increasing risks to the UK from our changing climate.

In a week seeing near record temperatures across the UK and a series of upland fires, themselves releasing dangerous climate warming greenhouse gases, Baxter criticised the Government’s inadequate response to a consultation on implementing the third round of the adaptation reporting power. This power, enabled by the UK’s world leading 2008 Climate Change Act, has the potential to catalyse long term planning for industry, services and critical infrastructure; embedding resilience and adaptation to these real and increasing risks.

Baxter said “ It is disappointing that the Government has not made greater use of its powers and failed to set a mandatory approach. IEMA supports the advice to Government from the UK Committee on Climate Change and encourages all organisations to review their operations and preparedness to short and longer-term climate risks and disclose these to stakeholders”.

Read the Government's response and approach to climate change reporting here


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