With Core Cities, we’re calling for continued investment in preparing for climate change.

Core Cities and IEMA are today calling for Government to continue to invest in preparing for climate change, in light of new evidence of the risks it presents to the UK economy and quality of life.

The report, which Core Cities contributed to, is published today by the Committee on Climate Change, and outlines the risks that increasing rainfall and temperatures pose to our economy and way of life.

The report covers both direct risks, in terms of flooding and heatwaves, and indirect risks arising from climate change in other parts of the world, which in turn could affect food supplies, spread of diseases and migration.

Commenting on the report, Mayor of Bristol, and Core Cities Cabinet Member for low carbon, energy and resilience, Marvin Rees said; “The report is a timely reminder of why we need sustained action to protect economic growth and the quality of life in the UK against the effects of climate change, as part of our collective global role and responsibility in seeking to address and combat impacts of climate change, particularly for our poorest and most vulnerable in society.

As recent flooding in Leeds and the North of England clearly show, these are not future risks. They are already here, real and serious and projected to get worse if not properly addressed.

Core Cities have embraced this challenge and I look forward to working with Government to identify a range of ways to ratchet up our preventative ambitions, including through the National Floods Resilience Review and the next National Adaptation Programme.”

The report also comes hot on the heels of Ministers approving the fifth Carbon budget, which commits the UK to a 57% cut in emissions by 2032 on 1990 levels.

Martin Baxter, Chief Policy Adviser at IEMA added: “The Committee’s report reinforces the need for Government to set out the detail to deliver on emissions reduction, and deliver a step-change in adaptation; this is a classic example of where longer term commitment by Government can make a real difference.

At IEMA, we’re committed to giving our members the skills to help the country adapt, but it needs to be done in partnership with Government to have the greatest effect.

Both the Core Cities and IEMA are committed to local and national leadership and action to ensure that our cities are resilient and there is the right workforce in place to enable this. Since 2013, Core Cities have invested in a range of actions to prepare for climate change, including supporting assessments of infrastructure risk, investing in weather stations to support emergency response, rolling out green roofs and walls, and reducing flood risks. At the same time, IEMA have provided guidance on making the business case to prepare for climate change.


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