With just three weeks to go before our new online payment portal launches, here’s a reminder of why Direct Debit is the best way to pay.

Did you know that if every IEMA Member renewed by Direct Debit, every year we would collectively save:

· 15,000 pieces of A4 paper - that's one whole tree and 105kg of CO2!

· 150,000 litres of water to process the paper

· 3kg of C5 envelopes

Many IEMA Members already take the easy way to renew their membership through Direct Debit, and they testify that it’s quick, easy, fuss-free and the most sustainable option. Here’s what just a few of them say:

It is certainly that it makes maintaining my membership easy as I don’t have to remember to do anything manual, and I feel assured that I have constant access to my membership benefits because there’s no chance of my membership lapsing.” Nicky Teasdale, Graduate Member

Using Direct Debit enables to me maintain my membership without the hassle of missing a renewal. In this busy digital world we all need a little help and this is one timesaver I approve of.” Bill Delamare, Affiliate Member

As an environmental consultant our IEMA membership is crucial to us, but like everyone I always lose forms under a pile of work on my desk. Paying through Direct Debit is perfect, so much easier, no risk of me forgetting to renew and better for the environment!” Neil Howe, Associate Member

Direct Debit is a fit and forget solution to a professional like me. There are so many things we have to remember these days, farming off routine important membership payments to a service like DD makes total sense!” Anmarie Justine Landi, Full Member

Our new online payment portal launches on Monday 3rd August, which will make arranging a Direct Debit easier than ever before. Explore the portal on launch day and you will be able to efficiently sign up to pay by Direct Debit. You will also benefit from a £5 discount off your next renewal as a thank you for helping us to reduce our use of paper.

So watch this space for news on our new payment portal.


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