IEMA is a signatory of an open letter published today, which urges the next UK Government to establish cross party action on resource management issues.

The open letter is addressed to all the UK Party Leaders and calls for the formation of an Office of Resource Management to address the economic and sustainability risks around resource security. It states: “The UK is amongst the world’s most import-dependent economies, meaning our companies, our economy and our nation’s broader wealth and well-being are vulnerable to interruptions in the supply of natural resources.”

IEMA’s Policy Lead on Sustainable Resource Management Josh Fothergill said today: “With less than one month to go before the General Election, this letter strikes at an important time. It sets the scene for the incoming Government, providing collaborative professional advice that inaction is no longer an option; the solution to the challenges we face is the formation of an Office of Resource Management”.

IEMA has signed the letter alongside the Institution of Civil Engineer, the Packaging Federation, the Mineral Products Association, Friends of the Earth (England, Wales & Northern Ireland), ADS Group and the Resource Association.

This activity comes forms part of IEMA’s wider work on sustainable resource management, following the 2014 launch of our From Waste to Resources report and Resources Action Management Plan tool.


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