As part of Vision 2020, IEMA's CEO Tim Balcon has been travelling across the UK and Ireland to meet members face-to-face and gain their feedback on how IEMA should be shaped for the future.

Now that we are at the halfway point in the calendar of workshops and webinars Balcon has collated the initial feedback gathered since the first event on 22nd July in the first post on his Vision 2020 blog.

"From what members have told me so far, they share my ambition to make IEMA a bigger, bolder and more efficient organisation," says Balcon in the post entitled Members shaping IEMA to be great. "Those members who have taken advantage of this opportunity to air their views want us to actively use the sheer force of expertise, skills, experience and passion – people who are real trail-blazers - present within the membership to form a credible, reliable and recognisable external profile."

Balcon also reveals how some central themes that have been discussed at the workshops and webinars and sends a call to all members who have not yet taken advantage of this unique opportunity to influence IEMA's focus and services. "I really do welcome all opinions on this and encourage you to take this chance to help shape the Institute. If you haven’t yet booked your place at one of the remaining workshops or webinars I hope you will do now before we have to begin work on crafting and finalising Vision 2020 in September


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