Over 60 members successfully upgraded their membership last month to Associate, Full and Chartered Environmentalist . IEMA would like to congratulate the following individuals on their achievements.

Associate Entry Exam (AIEMA)

Christopher Burson

Damien Canning

Jamie Clews

Joanna Borzuchowska

Alasdair Campbell

Martin Simon Wittekind

Wendy Hogben

Katie Barlow

Sally Warren

Julia Davies

Kerstie Flanagan

Pam Doll

Carl Darrington

Stuart Harley

James Dybell

Andrew Grant

Nicole Feakes

David Harris

Paul McArthur

Heather Patrick

Charles Osbourne

Anna Gatsou

Agnieszka Krejner

Katerina Tsangari

Monica Baltes

Milena Todorova

Darren Garnon

Jackie Franklin

Shellington Sibanda

Lee Cowlbeck

Chris O'Dwyer

Yudviraj Sajadah

Lynsey Armour

Darren Cumming

Saskia Dekoning

Abigail Green

David Slade

Sam Purcell

Natalie Bonser

Kevin Wonham

Michael Day

Scott Hughes

Ben Morley

Natascha Boender

Kerry Whyte

Kevin Hall

Simarjeet Kaur

Adrian Daniels

Rick Ansell

Daniel Struthers

Paul James

Full Membership (MIEMA)

Adebanji Adekoya, Shell Nigeria

Andrea Taylor, Xodus Group

Douglas McMillan, Biologic

Full Membership and Chartered Environmentalist (MIEMA CEnv)

Mr Robert White, White Peak Planning

Paul Adderely, Sustainable Opportunity Solutions Ltd

Peter Whipp, RSK

Melanie Reid, Mott Macdonald

Yetunde Abdul, Building Research Establishment (BRE)

Jerome Baddley, Nottingham Energy Partnership

Thomas Rogers, Enterprise Mouchel

Upgrading your membership is key to you gaining the professional recognition you deserve, it can help you secure the job you want and may even help you achieve a higher salary, so if this has inspired you to think of progressing your membership then go to www.iema.net/upgrading-your-membership. Alternatively call IEMA on +44 (0)1522 540069 to discuss your options with an IEMA Professional Development Advisor.


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