Defra has today launched their Resource Security Action Plan, a move welcomed by IEMA.

IEMA welcomes today's launch of Government's Resource Security Action Plan (RSAP), which demonstrates clear action to highlight both the resource threats faced by UK business and a partnership approach to reducing such risks.

IEMA is particularly pleased to see Government formally recognise the valuable role that environment professionals will continue to play in helping UK business to meet the challenges posed by resource security issues.

Martin Baxter, IEMA's Executive Director � Policy, said: "Resource security is a key issue for business. Ensuring that companies have security of supply and are able to maximize their resource use are both key elements of establishing a more sustainable economy."

"This Plan provides the basis for action to allow UK business to turn risks posed by resource security into opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage; it recognises that such gains will only be achieved through a partnership approach which should include Government, business and the skills of environment professionals working together to maximize resource efficiency" he continued.

The Action Plan sets out key issues relating to resource security and availability. A key aspect of the plan is to ensure businesses are provided with relevant information on at risk resources through a national "dashboard", a necessity highlighted by IEMA in its response to Government's Waste Policies Review in 2010. Section 2.2 of the Action Plan indicates that a prototype of the dashboard has now been developed and is currently being populated and tested ahead of a full launch in 2013. "Companies need to manage the risks to their business from resource scarcity. Key to this is ensuring that companies have access to necessary, available information; this dashboard will allow them to identify resources 'at risk' and take appropriate action." added Baxter.

The plan also recognizes the importance of resource efficiency in ensuring that maximum value is extracted from resources and the importance of companies investing in environmental skills as a basis for companies enhancing their competitiveness in the transition to a green and sustainable economy.

The IEMA Environmental Skills Map sets out the skills businesses need to invest in to ensure they are able to capitalise on the opportunities and minimise the risks from future environmental and resources challenges. In recognising the importance of environmental skills in the action plan, Government is building on IEMA's call for "closer alignment between skills development, business support and Government policy and regulatory initiatives" in evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into green jobs and skills in 2009. Further still, IEMA's Skills Map has been cited in the Action Plan as the model for how industries should shape their skills system to meet resource security.

Defra have referenced IEMA is their own press release as one of the consulting and supportive organisations.

Members can find the Resource Security Action plan by clicking here


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