Click here for details on where IEMA's newest 2,000 members have come from.

During the first half of 2011, IEMA received and processed more than 2,000 new membership applications!

As of 31st July 2,002 new members had joined the Institute since the beginning of the year.

The figure is an indication that IEMA, with its dedication to creating a sustainable future through the development of environmental skills, knowledge and thought leadership, continues to be the professional body of choice for the environmental practitioners around the globe.

From the 2011 intake of members, the Business sector is the fastest growing area of membership at fifty-nine per cent. The remaining 21% work in consultancy, 11% in public sector roles and a further 9% in education or academia.

Three-quarters of this year's new members come from just five of our 13 regions: the South East leads with 30%; the North West comes second with 16%; the Midlands and South West groups have both welcomed 10% each and Yorkshire and Humber 9%. Just under 7% live outside of the UK.

IEMA has also witnessed an influx of members from a number dedicated organisations. Members from the following organisations - a "top ten" - have all joined this year, both through IEMA Approved Training programmes and individual membership applications.

  • 1. BAE Systems
  • 2. Imerys Minerals
  • 3. Airbus
  • 4. Environment Agency
  • 5. EnerSys
  • 6. MOD
  • 7. Kingsmill Bakery
  • 8. J Murphy and Sons
  • 9. Sodexo
  • 10. Betts UK

Now, as of September 2011, IEMA is proud to have a membership of over 10,000 active Professional Members (from Associate to Fellow) and a further 5,000 ambitious and interested individuals at the Student, Graduate and Affiliate levels. And with an increase in the number of those registering to progress up to Full membership (over 100 members have upgraded to Full since the start of 2011) the rate of movement within the membership is very encouraging.

"It is very encouraging to see so many members join us this year. The numbers are a reflection, I believe, of the growing recognition there is among organisations of the importance of environmental skills," commented CEO of IEMA Jan Chmiel.

"I'd like to welcome each and every one of the 2,002 new members and I would encourage them to see IEMA membership as a way to both develop their careers but also to shape the future of the profession." he concluded.


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