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Issue 117 includes the usual news, interviews, briefings, IEMA updates and these fascinating features.

  • Looking at mandatory reporting

    The WSP/environmentalist roundtable discusses mandatory GHG disclosure
  • End-to-end delivery

    Catherine Early reports on how companies are reducing transport emissions
  • Limited liability

    The activities exempt from the new rules on applying the waste hierarchy
  • Swish, swish, swish

    Stephen Tromans QC on a court decision to restrict noise from wind farms
  • Pressing the button on a print revolution

    How print firm Seacourt is revolutionising the traditional printing process
  • A year of solar power: the verdict

    Mark Everard reports on the performance of his photovoltaic panels
  • Footprint size

    How to measure an organisation's greenhouse-gas emissions

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Issue 117 August 2011 the environmentalist