IEMA?members call for reporting on greenhouse gas emissions to become mandatory according to new research launched this week. Click for more details and to download the full report.

80% of environmental professionals working in UK businesses say that mandatory reporting is needed if business is to play its part in the green economy.

IEMA launched new research this week (Monday 4th October) calling on government to introduce mandatory reporting on greenhouse gas emissions.

"The majority of companies in the UK are not taking action to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their GHG emissions. These companies are missing an opportunity to cut their GHG emissions and reduce their costs. Over 80% of those we surveyed say that mandatory reporting of GHG emissions should be introduced for companies," said Martin Baxter, IEMA's Executive Director of Policy upon the launch.

This research - IEMA's Special Report - GHG Management and Reporting - is derived from a comprehensive survey of 1,674 members during April of this year. Further in-depth research was conducted through a series of workshops attended by 200 practitioners to further discuss and examine key issues.


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